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A gifted psychotherapist, identical twin, and parent of fraternal twin sons; Dr. Joan A Friedman is uniquely qualified, professionally and personally, to educate twins and their families through the experiences and emotional needs they encounter. Twin development is very much her personal journey and professional specialty.
Dr. Friedman’s confidence and down-to-earth delivery earns her fans from peers to patients worldwide. She is uniquely qualified to get to the essence of twin issues and problems quickly, yet deeply and conclusively, with an intimacy and simplicity that audiences respect and understand. 
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A twinship is a marriage that one does not choose. Biological destiny determines the twin coupledom. For many twin pairs, the course of their emotional lives is dictated by this singular event. While all of us enter relationships with our unique history and “baggage,” twins have specific developmental experiences that psychotherapists need to understand and respect.
Unfortunately, most twins do not feel they have permission to express what they authentically feel about being and having a twin. Many fear that to do so would mean jeopardizing a relationship that is often valued even more highly than a marriage. Whether one’s twinship is superficially compatible or outwardly combative, neither extreme can reflect the spectrum of one’s authentic feelings. Every close relationship involves ambivalence, and this is especially true of twins.


    • An historical overview of attachment literature and its relevance to twin development
    • Overview of challenging parenting dilemmas and how they contribute to emotional difficulties as twins reach adulthood  
    • Identify distinct developmental differences that impact twin maturity
    • Fully social learning
    • Recognition of particular ways in which treating a twin in therapy differs from treating a singleton 

Course contents

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