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Alessandro Lombardo
CEO Plectures.com
Psycologist and Psychotherapist
I work in psychology, psychotherapy, counseling and training. Graduated in psychology and specialized in psychotherapy. Passionate about innovation, new technologies, sports. Husband of Claudia, and father of Maya and Sole. I have many passions, one above all, rugby, a real team sport. I love novelty, change, challenges. I like to connect, learn, create. For many years I have been working as a consultant and trainer for Italian and multinational companies and organizations. Among my clients: Vodafone, Novartis, Essilor, Teva, Coop Italia, Novacoop, Scuola Coop, Generali Group, Poste Italiane, various Italian Health Companies. For them, I have carried out projects of consulting and organizational development, training and change management, storytelling. I run a clinical center, the Center for Psychology and Psychotherapy in Turin and a center dedicated to the paths of the couple, the Couple Therapy Center in Turin. I have been Adjunct Professor at the University of Turin, Department of Psychology, for the following teachings and workshops: Counselling Methods and Techniques Laboratory of Deontology Laboratory of Social Innovation.
Paolo Bersani
Customer Care Manager

I was born in Piacenza, class of 1994. I have always cultivated an interest in listening and since I was a child I was passionate about people's stories. The choice to study psychology came naturally. I received my Bachelor's Degree in Psychological Sciences and Techniques from the University of Pisa in 2017. I chose to move away from the safe and familiar environments of home to experiment outside in a new city. Later, in 2019, I obtained my master's degree in clinical and community psychology at the Catholic University of Milan. I did postgraduate internship at the unit of Neuropsychiatry Child and Adolescent Psychology of the AUSL of Piacenza. Since March 2020 I am enrolled in a Master of II level in human resources and organization.
I worked as an educator in a community of drug addicts and alcoholics for a year. I have been an educator for a CAS (extraordinary reception center) in Piacenza. I worked in two educational centers for minors and in a learning center for children with DSA. I currently work as a support teacher in a high school in Piacenza and I follow many children and adolescents in tutoring activities for homework. I collaborate with Psicologia.io as a learning tutor, creating podcasts and managing video courses. 
Giada Aloi
Network Manager

I was born in Turin in 1993. As a child I aspired to become a journalist, attracted by people's stories, which I dreamed of interviewing around the world. When, as a teenager, I discovered the world of psychology, I was fascinated. In addition to the passion for life stories, there is also the passion for the unconscious dimension of the human being, not aware of it but so present. I attend the University of Psychology in Turin and I graduate in Criminological and Forensic Psychology in 2017, driven by the interest in the most critical situations of discomfort, especially with regard to minors, which I deepen through some training at the study Ripsi in Milan. I carry out the professionalizing internship in the Department of Child Neuropsychiatry of the Asl of Turin, I attend a master in Psychodiagnostics of Developmental Age, and I qualify for the profession in 2019. I am currently interested in the area of parenting, nutrition and cultural psychology.
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