Early neglect. A perspective from preverbal trauma

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  • Cristina Cortes Viniegra
  • Live Zoom Webinars 
  • Study time: 8 hours
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8 Training Hours
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Cristina Cortes Viniegra


  • Cristina Cortes Viniegra
  • 8 Training Hours 
  • Live Zoom Webinars
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Cristina Cortes Viniegra

Early neglect. A perspective from preverbal trauma

Healthy development is interrupted when the individual is not exposed to continuous affection from birth. The lack of security pervades the whole development. Realising this experience in the therapeutic context should be the first goal. To do this, we will learn to recognise, in the assessment phase, the symptoms of early trauma of neglect and how this affects development. We will focus on the importance of the stabilisation and consolidation phase, and how to bridge gaps in maturation and attachment security.
We will propose a double intervention in parallel, on the one hand with the child and on the other hand with the family or caregiver. We will look at the importance of psycho-education for the family, providing information on how trauma from neglect affects the development of their children, helping them to understand why children behave in a certain way. This is essential in order to properly reflect on early emotional states that have not been followed or inferred by anyone. From here we will see the importance of creating a coherent narrative that is heard by the whole family.
We will collect the difficulties presented by these children and/or adolescents during the different stages of their maturity. We will understand how there are stages of maturity that stagnate, hinder their development and influence their behaviour in the present. Only if the family unit can understand these obstacles will it be possible to push and encourage the development of all emotional states. We will see how from an EMDR perspective we can help to integrate the different states and how to enrich family relationships. We will use clinical cases to help understand and conceptualise this intervention for children with early neglect trauma

Patrick Jones - Course author
Cristina Cortes Viniegra
Psychologist and psychotherapist. Co-director of the Vitaliza Psychology Centre (Pamplona, Spain), which is a private health centre specialising in trauma, attachment and child psychology. She collaborates with adoption and foster care institutions and with various equality and family departments in different regions. She is trained in neuro-functional child development, child psycho-trauma and attachment, EMDR therapy, Sensorimotor and Neurofeedback, and integrates mindfulness into her therapeutic intervention as she has been practicing for more than 25 years. She is accredited by EMDR Europe as an EMDR facilitator, counsellor and trainer for children and adolescents. She is accredited by the BCI as a therapist and trainer in neurofeedback and as a practitioner in sensorimotor therapy. She has extensive teaching experience: providing training on attachment disorders and how trauma affects development in both public and private organisations. She participates as a lecturer in the Master in EMDR Psychotherapy at UNED. She collaborates in the training of professionals in the official Master in Health Psychology at the Universidad de Navarra, in the Master in Perinatal Health at the European Institute of Perinatal Health and in the course on Advances in Reproductive and Perinatal Mental Health at MARES and the Universidad de Zaragoza.
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