Philip Zimbardo.
Memoirs of a psychologist

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Philip Zimbardo

Psychologist, educator, researcher, world-renowned public figure. Professor emeritus at Stanford University. He has served as president of the American Psychological Association (APA).
He is best known for the Stanford Prison Experiment. Author of best-selling books, including The Lucifer Effect, The Paradox of Time, The Time Cure, and Living and Loving, and co-author of the textbook Psychology and life, now in its nineteenth edition.
He is founder and president of Heroic Imagination Project, an international organization created to encourage the psychology of heroism in everyday life, and Z-L Fund, a foundation that deals with cultural exchange between Italy and the United States.


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With Philip Zimbardo
Introduced by José Sales Grade
Dialogue with Riccardo Bettiga
In a direct and spontaneous dialogue, the legendary American psychologist Philip Zimbardo talks about his life and profession: his childhood spent in the Bronx, his university education at Yale, his friendship with Stanley Milgram, his appointment at the Stanford Faculty of Psychology, his research path and his contributions in the field of psychology and in the context of academic activity, but also his involvement in forms of political activism, from his meeting with Malcolm X to the writing of an article on the mental health of President Donald Trump, published in Psychology Today.
What emerges is a memoir filled with moving stories and insightful reflections on his career and intellectual legacy.

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